Character Animation Reel 2013

New Gig

A few weeks back I started working as a Character Animator at Red Zebra Games and it has been so much fun working with games since this is sort of a different mindset from what I'm used to. Very excited to learn so much more over the course of my stay here. Unfortunately I can't tell anything about the project I'm working on right now so that will have to wait. :)

- Nico!

Commercial Work

So, a little update. I recently worked on a line of TV/cinema commercials for a company called "Telia". I worked together with a bunch of skilled Artists on this project and I both animated and modeled some(not all) parts the commercials. Check it out :-)

Example of some of them (not including the one that runs in the cinema)

- Nico!

So it's been a few months since my last update and unfortunately it's not the creative sort of update I would've liked, but a good one nonetheless. This time I got a job at Pixomondo in Frankfurt as a Character Animator on their current project "Petterson und findus".

I've been here for 2 weeks and I can truly say it's been quite the experience. The place is awesome and my colleagues has made sure that I felt most welcome from day 1. On top of all that, comes of course the work itself which has been so fun. I can only hope for the rest of my stay to be as good as the last 2 weeks.

- Nico!

New Animation Gig!

Been ages since I last posted something, well that's not really true since it's not even a year ago but still.. here it is.

An awesome opportunity appeared and I took it!. I was offered a job at Ghost VFX to work as an Animator on one of their projects(which I can't reveal as of now of course)

Been here a few weeks already and Im loving the place, the people and of course the work :) I'm really excited about the coming months.

- Nico!

Little update :)

I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by a local paper in regards to landing a job at IO Interactive, working on Hitman Absolution.

Here's a link to the article :)

And, in case it doesn't work.

So here's a little update on my work.

This is an old piece from back in January which I just recently found the time to polish up and render out.

Hope you like it :)

First Animation Job.

I have gotten the opportunity to come work for IO Interactive as an Animator on Hitman Absolution

I'm there on my second week now and so far the place is awesome!. 

Check it out here:

- Nico!