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Character Animation Reel 2013

"Peddersen & Findus - Den lille drillepind"

So, after a year on it's way, the movie "Peddersen & Findus - Den lille drillepind" that I worked on during my time at Pixomondo, has finally hit the theaters in Denmark. It was a very fun project to work on and I got to work with a lot of talented Animators, big thanks to those guys for making this experience so memorable!.

 Very exciting stuff :).

Trailer (Original language: German)

- Nico!

New Gig

A few weeks back I started working as a Character Animator at Red Zebra Games and it has been so much fun working with games since this is sort of a different mindset from what I'm used to. Very excited to learn so much more over the course of my stay here. Unfortunately I can't tell anything about the project I'm working on right now so that will have to wait. :)

- Nico!

Commercial Work

So, a little update. I recently worked on a line of TV/cinema commercials for a company called "Telia". I worked together with a bunch of skilled Artists on this project and I both animated and modeled some(not all) parts the commercials. Check it out :-)

Example of some of them (not including the one that runs in the cinema)

- Nico!

So it's been a few months since my last update and unfortunately it's not the creative sort of update I would've liked, but a good one nonetheless. This time I got a job at Pixomondo in Frankfurt as a Character Animator on their current project "Petterson und findus".

I've been here for 2 weeks and I can truly say it's been quite the experience. The place is awesome and my colleagues has made sure that I felt most welcome from day 1. On top of all that, comes of course the work itself which has been so fun. I can only hope for the rest of my stay to be as good as the last 2 weeks.

- Nico!

New Animation Gig!

Been ages since I last posted something, well that's not really true since it's not even a year ago but still.. here it is.

An awesome opportunity appeared and I took it!. I was offered a job at Ghost VFX to work as an Animator on one of their projects(which I can't reveal as of now of course)

Been here a few weeks already and Im loving the place, the people and of course the work :) I'm really excited about the coming months.

- Nico!

Little update :)

I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by a local paper in regards to landing a job at IO Interactive, working on Hitman Absolution.

Here's a link to the article :)

And, in case it doesn't work.

So here's a little update on my work.

This is an old piece from back in January which I just recently found the time to polish up and render out.

Hope you like it :)